Donna McCarthy


Originally from Montreal, Donna started her ad career in Toronto at Chiat Day. She worked for lots of agencies (don’t ask) and was Creative Director of several, including Bensimon Byrne and Taxi Advertising. In 2002 Donna moved to Newfoundland to be Creative Director at Target Marketing. She opened her own shop in 2003 and now has offices in both St. John’s and Halifax. 

Donna has been named top female copywriter in Canada four times, and has also ranked as one of Canada’s Top Creative Directors. She has won over 500 awards and has sat on the jury of major national and international award shows, including Cannes, New York Festival, Marketing, Clios and London Festival. 

Something you didn't know about Donna...she used to be a goalie. When she was 16 The Toronto Star wrote an article about her because she went a whole season without letting a puck through the pipes. (so to speak)

Christa Borden


With a Masters Degree in Music from Memorial University, Christa has an ear for sound, which makes her the perfect radio writer. 

Christa has been working with DORY since 2007. Shoeboxes overflow with awards she has won for radio writing, improv and acting. 

Something you didn't know about Christa, she speaks 4 languages. 2 of which only she understands. 

Crystal North


Crystal joined the Dory team in 2007 after completing her Bachelor of Commerce Honours (co-op) and Bachelor of Arts (French) degrees from Memorial University of Newfoundland. She has acquired her knowledge of all things marketing through work experience at XWAVE, Syncrude Canada, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, and Nalcor Energy. Crystal is a thinker. She prefers cloud-watching over hopscotch and is skilled at strategic as well as creative thinking. From the big picture to the smallest detail, Crystal can see the possibilities and deliver the results. Crystal works as a copywriter with Dory and provides account management support to the team. Something you didn't know about Crystal, she's a Registered Massage Therapist.

Glenda Leyte


Glenda holds Bachelors degrees in Business Administration and English as well as Certificates in Public Administration and Newfoundland Studies. Her professional career includes extensive experience in marketing, media relations and media buying, planning and sales. Glenda has coordinated a vast number of successful advertising for clients including General Motors of Canada, Hickman Motors and the Multi-Material Stewardship Board. 

Her experience in media buying and her aggressive approach to negotiation ensures that the client will receive the most cost efficient and effective campaign possible. Glenda currently heads up all of our media planning and buying for Memorial University’s Distance Education and Learning Technologies. 

Jerry Elgin


Jerry is an art school drop out. He was going to OCAD for painting in Toronto when he was hired by a retail company’s downtown office as a mailroom boy, office administrator, senior coffee fetcher, etc. Jerry quickly found his knack for keeping offices efficient and organized was in high demand; just three years after leaving school he was managing film production offices in the boom era of Toronto’s film industry. After 15 years of office management 5 of which were for an ad agency in Vancouver, now he’s part of the Dory crew, running between the Halifax and Newfoundland offices, keeping our engines tuned and running smooth. While clients don’t see too much of Jerry, they see his positive input in every project we complete. Oh, and Jerry’s still painting. 

Kevin Pinhorn


Kevin graduated from Recording Arts Canada in Toronto in 2001 with a diploma in audio engineering, multimedia production and he has been working in the audio engineering industry since the fall of that same year. 

Kevin says he got to where he is today as a result of putting one foot in front of the other since his first guitar lesson as a young man, which is why a natural ear for good sound backs his technical abilities as an audio engineer. 

Kevin works with Rick Hollett at the Newfoundland Dory Radio studio. 

Something you didn't know about Kevin, he is a Wine Connoisseur.

Rick Hollett


A bona fide, living, breathing example that a talented musician can make a gifted producer. For 20 years Rick has lived audio. Producing 1000’s of radio and TV spots. Writing 100’s of jingles. Playing dozens of instruments on dozens of albums. Even writing the theme music for four TV shows. That’s all well and good. But we think it’s really Rick’s ear for tempo and timing that put him in a league of his own. 

Something you didn't know about Rick, the Accordion is his favourite instrument.

Karen Kennedy


Karen Kennedy got on board Dory back in 2007 as a copywriter and voice talent. Her professional background includes promotional marketing and a loooong stint in radio/television broadcasting. 

Although she has lived on one coast of Canada to the other ( yes …Newfoundland is included )….these days she can be found havin’ a yarn with the fishermen down on the wharf in Petty Harbour …where she also runs a vacation rental business. 

What do people say about Karen? 

“She’s got ‘er scald, b’y!”      

Darcy MacPhail


A native of St. Peter’s, Cape Breton and working in the communications field since 2003, Darcy is our In Store Messaging specialist.

He’s also involved in the production and distribution of digital content as well as traditional and social media disciplines.

A graduate of St. Francis Xavier University with a BA in English in 1999, he then went on to earn a Diploma in Public Relations from the Nova Scotia Community College in 2000.

Something you didn’t know about Darcy, he’s a champion body builder. 

Max Taylor


Max is our Summer Intern. He studies Sports and Marketing at Bishop’s University. Where he stars in his own weekly radio show. He also writes a dandy blog,

When he’s not getting coffees and telling us about the new coolest social media apps and programs, he can be found on the basketball court.

Something you didn’t know about Max, he’s a finalist in The Great Canadian Sales Competition.