Cannes Lions, Gold and Bronze

Marketing Awards, 5 Golds, 4 Silvers, countless merits and bronzes.

ADCC, Golds, Silvers, too many to remember.

Ice Awards, Best of Show, Marketer of the Year,
and enough crystal bowls to start a small shop.

Crystal Awards, 4 Times Best of Show.

London International, 7 Golds, Silvers and shoeboxes full of certificates. 

New York Festival, 8 Golds, Silvers and loads of others

Cassies, Golds, and lots of finalists.

One Show Pencils
Communications Arts



Sobeys Atlantic

Creative? Absolutely. Responsive to changing needs? They have to be. Need something done quickly? Dory delivers. It’s a good match and we’re glad to be working with Donna and her team.
— Donalda Buckingham, Sobeys


Donna came up with the most imaginative plan and helped us secure tremendous creative help from some of Canada’s top advertising and media agencies. Thanks to Donna’s ideas and skillful planning we were able to have Oxfam ads produced by some very skilled professionals and then presented in such top magazines as Chatelaine, on Rogers radio and across the Rogers TV and digital network. I have nothing but the highest praise for what Dory did for Oxfam. We are indebted to Donna for helping our campaign reach an audience which we could only dream of reaching.
— Bill Hynd Campaigns, Oxfam Canada

Grenfell University

Donna has been a great partner on a number of projects over a number of years. I have worked with Donna and her team, while with two different companies in two completely different industries, and I continue to have success working with Donna. She gets the sense of urgency around projects, provides unique, interesting ideas and solutions to challenges, is quick with smart recommendations AND does it all on time and on budget!
— Joann Fitzgerald, Marketing Manager

Memorial University

Donna will produce what is needed in a polished but uniquely creative approach; provide insight on market behaviour and deliver in record time and on budget. In my opinion what you get from Donna that is most invaluable is passion, dedication and commitment an innate ability to make you think outside the box.
— Peggy Miller, Manager of Marketing and Business Development

Sobeys West

Donna takes a forward thinking and fresh approach to creative and I find she requires minimal direction which takes a lot of pressure off the client. She is always open to client’s views but will give great recommendations and options which show she puts the clients and their needs first. I love Donna’s frankness, but at the same time she is very professional. I would highly recommend Donna and her team at DORY to any potential client.
— Nicole Shields, Advertising Manager


Donna’s creative thinking and ingenuity reaches well beyond the Dory and into a sea of endless fresh ideas. I have commissioned her to promote programs and productions that met sold out houses and marketing ideas that broke new ground and garnered international attention.
— Amy House, RCA